Agistri Island

Fast track getaway to Greek island life.

Agistri island is a tiny paradise of pine forests, sandy beaches and azure coves with crystalline seas and not much else. And the best of all? It’s less than an hour from the port of Piraeus and 10 minutes from Aegina. Part of the Saronic gulf islands dotting the waters nearest Athens, Agistri provides the shortest shortcut to the iconic Greek summer. That is why, though largely unknown to the world, it is the stomping ground of weekending Athenians and those few foreign travellers in the know.

Life here remains largely unchanged from the past. Everyday rhythms are mellow and relaxed as locals go about their business. Time honoured customs are still going strong; while hospitality -that is being friends to strangers- is regarded as the highest art form. Think retro accounts of Greek island life and you’ll be spot on. So chilling out is the order of the day in Agistri: You’ll be catching up on your reading, swimming, sunbathing or playing on the beach during the day. And on your evenings you’ll be sampling traditional delicacies in quaint tavernas or making new friends in small seaside bars. As per the more energetic, there are plenty of hiking trails on the island, while cycling opportunities abound. Horseback riding lessons and diving courses are at your disposal too, whilst kayaks, mopeds or boats are available for hire.

Whether you are a sporty and athletic, or more laid back type, Agistri offers a large departure -and welcoming repose- from the hustle and bustle of contemporary metropolitan centres. Indeed thereby making for a rewarding mini-getaway or satisfying longer escape.

How to reach Agistri Island.

Bougainvillea hanging over a blue door of a white house. A beautiful antithesis of colours.

In the heart of Agistri town.

The Agistri Apartments are located in the centre of Scala, 200 meters from the port and just 100 metres from a lively organised beach with clear waters, sun beds and umbrellas. A supermarket, bakery, bank machine and the bus stop are also at a stone’s throw.

What’s more, the luxurious Oasis hotel sporting a rooftop spa, pool and upscale restaurant is to be found at a 200-meter distance. Agistri Apartments guests have access to its premium services and facilities at advantageous rates. This practically means you get to enjoy a hassle-free, economical stay in Agistri, in renovated, thoroughly modern lodgings. And at the same time indulge in some much-deserved pampering, without breaking the bank.

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